Our lyrics are clean, clear, and accurate, PLUS they match both the original recording and our sheet music arrangements word for word, measure for measure, from beginning to end. Your slide operator will breath a sigh of relief knowing they can just click forward through each slide as the song progresses.  Every lyric package comes with a variety of formats and file types, including ProPresenter and PowerPoint.

Don't waste any more time making worship slides. Here is exactly what you'll get with ours:

  1. ACCURATE - from beginning to end, every word matches our published arrangements and the original recording.
  2. CLEAN - bold white text centered on a black screen allows for any backdrop of your choice.
  3. FLOW - line breaks and slide breaks flow with the melodic phrasing of the song.
  4. COMPATIBLE - ProPresenter, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Adobe Acrobat, and a clean Text file that you can import into any other software.
  5. SIZE - slides are designed to fit with 4x3, 16x9 and 16x10 screens

When you download a lyric projection package from PraiseCharts, here is exactly what you get:

  1. PPTX and PDF All Caps - pick your screen size and preferred format with the font set to ALL CAPS.
  2. PPTX and PDF Regular - the exact same files and formats with the font set to Regular Case.
  3. Text for Import - text is formatted with the same line breaks and slide breaks for importing into any other software
  4. ProPresenter - drag and drop into ProPresenter, and the slides are ready to go.

    Screen Shot 2019 05 03 at 5.23.28 PM


With ProPresenter, files are simple to edit and are labelled for easy navigation by your slide operator:

Screen Shot 2019 05 03 at 5.49.15 PMWith PowerPoint, the text is easy to edit in outline mode. You can also load any of the PowerPoint files into Keynote or Google Slides.

Screen Shot 2019 05 03 at 5.47.05 PM

Where can you find these files?

We are slowly working our way through the catalog. It won't be long before we have 1000+ titles available, starting with the most popular songs, and working our way through.

Find Songs with Lyric Files