Permission To Webcast

The religious service exemption allows you to perform music during your services without paying royalties. However, this exemption does not apply to re-transmission of that service, by radio, TV, or Internet. Webcasting your worship services or any other webcasting of copyrighted music requires licensing.

In order to webcast your performance of a song, you need to acquire an internet performance license from the song's owner or owners. The simplest way to acquiring internet performance license is through the WORSHIPcast license provided by Christian Copyright Solutions. The WORSHIPcast license provides licensing from ASCAP, BMI & SESAC and provides access to over 17 million Christian and secular songs. Click here to learn more about WORSHIPcast.

Commercial sound recordings are being used more frequently, and are often played during services. These recordings might be background music on animations or professional split tracks. In order to webcast these recordings, an internet master recording license must be obtained from the owner of the recording. There is currently not a simple blanket license or mechanism for securing these licenses, but many record labels will issue licenses for webcasting their recording. This can be a complicated process, particularly with weekly activity. Christian Copyright Solutions makes this process simpler with its PERMISSIONSplus service which provides professional license acquisition services. PERMISSIONSplus is the simplest method for getting your internet master recording licenses. Click here to learn more about PERMISSIONSplus.