One of the things we're excited about at PraiseCharts is the opportunity to invest into the future of song writing for worship. Many of the songs that are in the top of the CCLI charts have been around for a long time and have become well established in the churches all around the world. But far out in front of those songs is a new wave of music not yet discovered. Some of these songs are written by well known song writers and worship leaders. Some of these songs are written by people you have never heard of, because they have never been "signed" by one of the major music publishers. In almost all cases, the songs featured in SongQuest have not yet had wide exposure around the world.

How Does It Work?

All songs submitted to SongQuest will go to a panel that will listen and select the Top 20 finalists; those songs will be put on the PraiseCharts website, where you will help determine the winner. Through SongQuest, we want to give you a taste of the future. More than just giving you a taste, we want to invite you to engage in the social sharing of these songs, ultimately giving the listening audience the power to help choose the winner of this season's SongQuest. Feel free to listen to the songs and like and share your favorites via the social media links. Based on a combination of likes, shares and downloads of the Top 20 songs posted, we will select the Top 10 and then the final winner.

What Will The Winner Receive?

The winner will have a lead sheet (created by one of PraiseCharts' arrangers) added to the main catalog on PraiseCharts. A follow up promotion of the winning song will be done in a PraiseCharts weekly e-blast after the close of the competition.

SongQuest Submissions (Currently Closed)

If you would like to submit a song to SongQuest, please fill in the form under the 'Submit A Song' tab, completing the payment section and uploading an audio demo (MP3 format), lyrics, and simple song chart. Please send one song per submission. Only songs that YOU have written will be accepted.