The Essentials Course - Download

Thanks for purchasing the Essentials in Worship Course with Dan Wilt. We trust this tool will serve you and your church well, as it has for thousands of others.

For your convenience, you can download the complete package below (2 GB), or each of the individual course sections below. All include the Complete Manual, Leader's materials (for Group Study), Videos, and Bonus Materials.

With the high-quality video the download files may be large, so please ensure you have an adequate connection and space available on your computer.
(Total Download Size: approx. 2 GB)


For reference, here is a brief description of each of the modules included:

1. Essentials in Worship Leading

The Essentials In Worship Leading course focuses on the skills and heart of effective worship leaders. From building a set to rehearsing with a group of musicians. (File Size: ~300MB)


2. Essentials in Worship Ministry

The Essentials In Worship Ministry course focuses on building and maintaining an effective, growing worship ministry. (File Size: ~300MB)


3. Essentials in Worship Songwriting

The Essentials In Songwriting course focuses on the craft of songwriting for worship. Learn with other songwriters from around the world. Write a song. (File Size: ~300MB)


4. Essentials in Worship Values

Essentials In Worship Values is the study of values like intimacy, integrity, accessibility, cultural connection and Kingdom expectation in gathered worship. (File Size: ~300MB)


5. Essentials in Worship Theology

Essentials In Worship Theology is an exploration of foundational worship theology and worldview – the nature of God, people and worship. (File Size: ~300MB)


6. Essentials in Worship History

Essentials In Worship History is the study of worship languages (like time, space & architecture) throughout Church history, and the Christian Year (holidays). (File Size: ~300MB)


7. Essentials Leader's Guide and Extras

Dan has made it easy to get started with 200+ pages of Leader's Guides, videos and extras. (File Size: ~80MB)


Bonus Ebooks (Materials for your Team)

10 Ebooks from the 7 Steps To Awesome Series For Musicians (File Size: ~2MB)