Hey friends ... we're living through a season that we will never forget. There are a lot of challenges, but so many great opportunities to get creative and be innovative. We're doing our best to come alongside you with our team at PraiseCharts, and keep the river of fresh worship music flowing. Some of the biggest songs of the year have been released just in the last couple of months.

I can imagine that finances are tight, but the church as a whole remains strong. I'm excited about a new resource that can make online giving at your church easy and accessible. Beyond the music, we all know that giving is a natural expression of worship. We want to help you take all the barriers away for the members of your church to offer regular support to your ministry. There are a number of online giving platforms available today, but so many of them are costly and complicated. It's no wonder that most churches still have not made the leap to online giving.

I want to encourage you to check out our new platform, Givlia. This new platform is rock solid, it's affordable to get set up, and we make it easy for your members to give online, through text, and recurring donations. Churches that use Givlia report that their overall giving increases by as much as 20%. If you want to find out more, send us your info in the link below and one of our team members will be in touch with you personally. We'll answer all your questions and see if Givlia is a fit for your ministry.