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PraiseCharts digital audio distribution service enables independent Christian labels and artists to reach hundreds of service outlets around the world. Services such as iTunes®, Amazon MP3, MySpace Music and others are all accessible using the unique technology platform provided by IODA . PraiseCharts saves you time and money by handling the legal and technical aspects of your digital music distribution needs.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Benefits

  • No legal fees to negotiate agreements with hundreds of digital stores including iTunes
  • No need to encode in multiple formats and deliver to each service
  • Sign one agreement with us for instant access to over 300 digital stores, world wide
  • Ability to create your own private label download store to sell your own music
  • New service deals being signed on a regular basis
  • Content delivered to service partners within days after your release is approved
  1. Who is eligible for digital distribution?
    All PraiseCharts artists who sign our agreement for the digital distribution service are eligible.
  2. Am I giving PraiseCharts any rights over my music?
    No you are NOT. You are simply giving us the non-exclusive rights to submit your music to IODAs network of digital retailers on your behalf. The same terms and conditions you agreed to when you registered with PraiseCharts apply.
  3. Is my music guaranteed to get placed at these retailers?
    No. Each retailer has the right to refuse your release. We have two types of services “take all” which include iTunes, Amazon, Rapsody and many more and “take pick” which pick what they want. Reasons for refusal include the genre of the music, quality of the recording or cover art or a pre-existing release that has the same UPC/ISRC.
  4. What if my music is placed at some services, but not all? Can I get out of the PraiseCharts agreement?
    No. but if you tell who those services are, we will take extra efforts with your help to have them “Pick” your release.
  5. How many releases can I submit?
    You can submit as many as you have the rights to.
  6. How do I submit my releases?
    Once you have signed our agreement, we will confirm how many releases you have to submit and send you directions for delivery of your recordings. We do not offer an upload service at this time. You will send two manufactured (retail ready) or audio CD-R of your music tracks. Make sure the tracks are in exactly the order you want them to appear on the services, without additions or subtractions. Your release is encoded from regular audio CDs (aka Redbook Standard CD), the kind that will play in any home or auto CD player. Some players will play 'data' discs with files such as mp3s, but these will not work for us. If you are preparing a CD-R, choose the 'Audio' option (not the 'Data" option) if prompted by your burning software. A 'release' is a group of tracks which are sold together (an album, an EP or single). Each audio disc we encode constitutes a 'release', unless it is a multi volume disc (Multi-Disc). All tracks on a Multi-Disc constitute a single release. Each release must be on its own CD with the tracks sequenced exactly the way in which you would like them to be made available to the public. We are also able to encode your releases from vinyl for an additional fee. Be sure that you only send us releases that you are absolutely sure you have the rights to. Submitting a release to us for encoding that you do not have rights for, intentionally or otherwise incur costly Early Takedown penalties. We will not encode CDs with 'silent tracks' as they cannot be delivered to services and therefore must be removed. Having us remove your silent tracks involves creating a new master and will incur additional production fees. Combining CD-Rs to create a single release will incur additional production fees. We cannot encode from cassette or any other magnetic tape-based audio format. Currently we do not accept compressed music files such as mp3s files or any type of files over the internet. We cannot encode your release from DVD-R. IODA needs to keep the copy of any release(s) you send to us for our library. Occasionally situations arise when we'll need to redeliver or re-encode a release. Having a master copy on file allows us to recreate your release if needed.
  7. Do I have to own the rights to the music?
    You must own the rights or obtained explicit permission by the rights owner or representative for all music you submit to PraiseCharts.
  8. What do I get paid?
    Unless otherwise stated, PraiseCharts will pay you Fifty (50) Percent of the Net Royalties collected by PraiseCharts.
  9. How do I get paid?
    All payable royalties checks are mailed and are in US funds.
  10. When do I get paid?
    Checks are sent within forty five (45) days of the end of each reporting period.
  11. Are my sales reported to BMI, ASCAP, or any other performing arts organization?
    No, you are responsible for paying any performing arts organization fees.
  12. Are my sales reported to SoundScan?
    Not at this time but it is in the works.
  13. How do I track sales of my music?
    PraiseCharts will send you a detailed report each quarter.
  14. What if someone else has uploaded my music without my permission?
    Contact us at and make sure to include all relevant information.
  15. My music is available online and I know I've had sales. Why are my sales stats not reflecting this?
    Sales stats are not reported in real time. We receive sales reports at varying intervals. We will send you a report each month.
  16. Can I submit existing songs from my PraiseCharts profile directly to a distribution service?
  17. Can I customize which retailers I would like to use?
    Not at this time.
  18. What if my songs are already on some of these retailers?
    Once you have submitted your release to PraiseCharts and it has been approved, you should notify your current distributor that they have 30 days to pull your releases down from existing services.
  19. Can I set the price of my music?
    Not at this time.
  20. Are explicit lyrics allowed?
    No. If you have explicit lyrics then its most likely your music will not be the right fit for PraiseCharts. We recommend working with another service.
  21. What qualifies as explicit lyrics?
    Each online retailer has their own definition of what constitutes as explicit lyrics. If you aren't sure, we recommend working with another service.
  22. Is an EP counted as a release?
  23. Can I release a single track?
    Yes but it still require it’s own UPC and ISRC numbers
  24. What do I do if I have a 2CD album?
    We don't currently support 2CD albums, but you can upload as 1 release, or split it into 2 separate releases. ie. Volume 1 and Volume 2
  25. Can I supply liner notes?
    Yes but this is only supported by iTunes at this time .
  26. How do I list other performers on particular tracks?
    You will be able to submit this on your release info sheet.
  27. What if I have a song that features another artist?
    You will be able to submit this on your release info sheet. 
  28. What is the mix field?
    This is the field where you can denote which mix of the song the track is, if you choose. Examples of this could be: Remix, Extended Mix, The Incredible Mix etc.
  29. What can I submit for my album art?
    If you are submitting a retail ready CD we will scan the cover. If you are submitting digital album art, the image must be JPEG, GIF, or PNG format and is 1400px X 1400px at 300 dpi.
  30. What if I don't have cover art for my release?
    All releases must have cover art. If you do not have cover art we recommend emailing and letting them know what your needs are.
  31. What is a UPC and ISRC number?
    A Universal Product Code (UPC) is a number (from 12 to 14 characters long) exclusively associated with your release. If you do not have a UPC number, that's okay, we'll generate one for you for $15.00.  Retailers use the UPC as a unique identifier for your release and track and report all sales according to the UPC.  Most published CDs have the UPC printed, along with the bar code form, on the back cover. An International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) will be assigned to each of your songs. This is for accounting and tracking purposes. Each ISRC is 12 characters long, and is a combination of letters and numbers. If you already have an ISRC number for your song, we will use it. If not, PraiseCharts will assign one for you. When typing your ISRC, do not include any dashes.
  32. Does it cost extra for a UPC?
    Yes. $15.00 from PraiseCharts
  33. What if I have my own UPC?
    Use it! You will be able to submit this on your release info sheet.
  34. What is a catalog number?
    Usually a number found on the spine of your CD release. If you do not have a catalog number, PraiseCharts will assign you one.
  35. What if I have a specific release date?
    If you have a specific release date, enter it on your release info sheet but keep in mind that you should allow 8 – 9 weeks if you are looking at a specific release date. If you have a future release date, the retailers will honor that. However, visibility of your release before the release date depends on the retailer. In some cases, you can view the album art, and in other cases the album is completely hidden from all customers until the date arrives.
  36. Is this distribution digital only or for physical CDs as well?
    Digital only.
  37. Can I sell physical copies of my CDs?
    Not through PraiseCharts's at this time.
  38. Can I sell my merchandise through the distribution model?
    Not through PraiseCharts's at this time.
  39. What if I made a mistake upon submission?
    PLEASE double and triple check everything before you submit your release. Changes are a slow, manual process for each. Any changes will likely delay your release for some time and involve additional fees. To make changes, please contact
  40. How long will my release be available?
    Your release will be available for as long as you are a subscriber to the Digital Distribution Service.
  41. How long does it take to get my releases up on iTunes, Amazon, etc?
    This varies for each retailer, but can be as much as 6-8 weeks. iTunes has a more extensive review process and is typically takes the longest. You will be charged the yearly subscription fee even if your music is not yet live at retailers.
  42. If I take down a release? Can I add another in its place?
    If you have paid the takedown fee for the first release, and the takedown is complete, then yes. That is, your takedown fee effectively covers the cost of an additional release submission.
  43. After I upload my music, what changes can I make?
    You can edit your music and release data until you submit it. PLEASE double and triple check before you submit your music. Changes involve a manual process and additional processing fees. DO NOT submit anything that you are not 100% certain is complete and accurate.
  44. My release is already online through another company. Can I also put it online with PraiseCharts or transfer it to PraiseCharts?
    You will need to take down the release from existing services and re-submit it via PraiseCharts.
  45. How do I remove an album from a service?
    You will need to email your request to
  46. If I terminate my PraiseCharts account, do I keep my distribution?
  47. If my question isn't answered here, who do I contact?
    You can always contact with any questions you have about any of our digital distribution services.