This Is That Chord Chart (Brigitte Donoho)
This Is That
Brigitte Donoho


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Download the PDF Chord Charts for This Is That by Brigitte Donoho, from the album This Is That.

SongID 84306
Language English
Album This Is That
Artists Brigitte Donoho
Authors Brigitte Donoho
CCLI Song No.7187737
InstrumentsGuitar, Ukelele, Piano
File TypePDF
Available Keys A


Verse 1: No more hiding in the shadows No more dimming the light We're not waiting for tomorrow This fire is raging It's burning inside Chorus: This is that the prophets spoke of This is the new wine Holy Spirit moving through us Glory divine This is that Verse 2: Sons and daughters will prophesy Receive visions and dreams Your remnant is rising up Coming out of the building And into the streets Bridge: He's moving through us He's flowing through us Oh we can feel His Glory in this place He's moving through us He's flowing through us Oh Holy Spirit come and have your way...