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Download the listening track for Thats My King (Choral Anthem SATB) by Lifeway Choral / Arr. Dave Williamson, from the album Non-Seasonal Choral Anthems.

SongID 84185
Language English
Album Non-Seasonal Choral Anthems
Artists Lifeway Choral, Arr. Dave Williamson
Authors Rebecca J. Peck, Phil Barfoot
Publishers Paradise View Publishing, Thomas Peck Music
CCLI Song No.5162983
File TypeMP3
Genre choral
Style Southern Gospel
ThemeKing, Power, Resurrection, God's Attributes, Forgiveness, Redemption


Verse Moses at the red sea Jonah in the whale Daniel in the lion's den They found God never fails Shadrach Meshach Abednego Could stand and testify That God delivers in the fire And He's always right on time Chorus That's my King Powerful wonderful That's my King Indescribable invincible He's matchless limitless The holy Son of righteousness Lord of everything Oh that's my King Verse 2 The woman at the well-side Lazarus in the grave The blind man by the roadside They found God strong to save Paul and Silas locked in jail Still had a song to sing They prayed and praised and kept the faith Until God set them free Bridge Sovereign omnipotent He is all sufficient Steadfast and faithful He is more than able Death could never hold Him The grave could never keep Him Glorified as God alone Now exalted on His throne...