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Download the listening track for O Glorious Love (Choral Anthem SATB) by John W. Peterson, from the album Songs Of John W. Peterson.

SongID 80862
Language English
Album Songs Of John W. Peterson
Artists John W. Peterson
Authors John W. Peterson
Publishers John W. Peterson
CCLI Song No.8654
File TypeMP3
Genre choral
ThemeGrace, Love, Redemption


Chorus O glorious Love of Christ my Lord divine That made Him stoop to save a soul like mine Thru all my days and then in Heav'n above My song will silence never I'll worship Him forever And praise Him for His glorious Love Verse 1 In my darkness Jesus found me Touched my eyes and made me see Broke sin's chains that long had bound me Gave me life and liberty Verse 2 O amazing truth to ponder He Whom angel hosts attend Lord of Heav'n God's Son what wonder He became the sinner's Friend...

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