Bass Rehearsal Track Details

Download the Rehearsal Tracks for your whole choir. Bass Tracks are sold individually, so be sure to purchase the number of copies you need for each vocalist.


Verse 1 Come behold the wondrous mystery In the dawning of the King He the theme of heaven’s praises Robed in frail humanity In our longing, in our darkness Now the Light of life has come Look to Christ who condescended Took on flesh to ransom us Verse 2 Come behold the wondrous mystery He the perfect Son of man In His living, in His suffering Never trace nor stain of sin See the true and better Adam Come to save the hell-bound man Christ, the great and sure fulfillment Of the law, in Him we stand Verse 3 Come behold the wondrous mystery Christ the Lord upon the tree In the stead of ruined sinners Hangs the Lamb of victory See the price of our redemption See the Father’s plan unfold Bringing many sons to glory Grace unmeasured, love untold Grace unmeasured, love untold Verse 4 Come behold the wondrous mystery Slain by death the God of life But no grave could e’er restrain Him Praise the Lord, He is alive! What a foretaste of deliverance! How unwavering our hope, our hope! Christ in power, resurrected As we will be when He comes Come behold the wondrous mystery Amen...

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