Promise Keeper
Hope Darst

Piano/Vocal Pack Details

Download the sheet music for Promise Keeper by Hope Darst, from the album Peace Be Still. This song was arranged by Jared Haschek in the key of F, G.

SongID 75474
Language English
Album Peace Be Still
Artists Hope Darst
Authors Jonathan Smith, Hope Darst, Ethan Hulse
Arrangers Jared Haschek
Publishers Essential Music Publishing, Fair Trade Music Publishing
CCLI Song No.7156403
TempoMed Fast
InstrumentsPiano, Guitar, Vocal
File TypePDF
Original Key F
Available Keys F, G
ThemesBelieve, Victory, Trust, Goodness, Miracles, Promise, God's Word, Faithfulness, Covenant


Verse 1 Your vow's a covenant unbroken, You've made it known through history Your love will never be unfaithful, never walk out on me Never walk out on me, never walk out on me Verse 2 I have no reason to doubt You, who You have been You'll always be And though the future's still unfolding With ev'rything I've seen, how could I not believe Chorus You are a promise keeper, You word will never fail My heart can trust You, Jesus, I won't be overwhelmed My eyes are gonna see miracles and victories You are a promise keeper, and Your word will never fail Verse 3 You will return all that's been stolen, there's nothing that You can't redeem And though the story's still unfolding With ev'rything I've seen, how could I not believe Bridge I'll see Your goodness, in the land of the living I'll see Your goodness right here, right now You know the ending, before the beginning I know that You have worked all things out Tag I know, I know...

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