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Download the listening track for One Tiny Prayer by Jaylene Johnson, from the album Potter & Clay.

SongID 55309
Language English
Album Potter & Clay
Artists Jaylene Johnson
Authors Jaylene Johnson
CCLI Song No.7081278
File TypeMP3
Original Key D


Verse 1 Trees so tall go beyond my sight Feel so small 'neath this patch of sky I’m out of place and I’m wond'ring why I came Silence falls with the coming night Birds once singing have taken flight There's just the sound of me whispering Your name Chorus Do You still see me, know me, are You listening I want to know You're there I'm still looking, longing, watching, wond'ring Will You meet me here This fragile heart waits in the dark For You, for You Verse 2 All creation is in Your view A million voices cry out to You Still somehow You see every sparrow fall Answers You hold inside your hands Answers I'll never understand Like how does one tiny prayer get through it all Tag For You, for You...