There Is A Remedy Lead Sheet (The McRaes)
There Is A Remedy Lead Sheet (The McRaes)
There Is A Remedy Lead Sheet (The McRaes)
There Is A Remedy
The McRaes


Lead Sheet Details

Download the sheet music for There Is A Remedy by The McRaes, from the album Songs From Daywind.

SongID 22537
Language English
Album Songs From Daywind
Artists The McRaes
Authors Annie McRae
InstrumentsPiano, Guitar
File TypePDF
Available Keys Bb
ThemesHope, Sustainer


VERSE 1: For the world that's lost in darkness, for the saint who's gone astray For the sinner, blind but searching, for the child in need of faith For the homeless and forsaken, for the hungry and the cold For the pris'ner and the captive, for the young and for the old CHORUS: There is a remedy for ev'ry sinsick soul, there is a cure for all All the pain and hurt and wrong, there is a solution for all the problems deep inside There is a remedy and His name is Jesus Christ VERSE 2: For the bitter, for the lonely, for the weary and afraid For the burdened and frustrated, the discouraged and dismayed For the mocked and persecuted, for the battered, for the wronged For the scarred and wounded, for the weak and for the strong BRIDGE: For ev'ry tribe and ev'ry nation, ev'ry color, ev'ry race For ev'ry tongue and ev'ry language, for ev'ry time and ev'ry place There's an answer to the questions, there's love for all the hate There's a healer for the dying, He's the Light, the Truth, the Way...

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