Acoustic Tracks

Picture 25PraiseCharts began in 1998 with a focus on providing orchestrations for contemporary worship. That focus continues to grow, even as we are now introducing a new line of arrangements intended for small groups, accompanied by the acoustic guitar.

Congregational worship happens at many different levels, from thousands of people gathered in a large auditorium to a small group gathered in a cozy living room. From lights, sound and a full orchestra, to the simplicity of an acoustic guitar, PraiseCharts music is adaptable to all kinds of venues, resourcing worship leaders and musicians at every level.

With the Acoustic Worship Series, we have taken some of the most popular songs from our regular catalog, and modified the arrangements slightly so they are conducive to a small group worship setting. Then, we created chord charts and recorded new audio demos with one vocal and one acoustic guitar, featuring our very own Toby Baxley. Each song is available as an Acoustic Set. An Acoustic Set includes an Acoustic Track (the audio demo) and the Acoustic Charts (the chord charts in every key).

The Acoustic Worship Series is designed to enable singers in small groups, as well as equip worship leaders who play the guitar. A worship leader can print out the charts, learn the songs from the Audio Tracks, and then lead a small group with greater confidence. For added support, you can even play the Audio Tracks in your small group, with or without a live guitar.

Song Titles and Package Contents

To start with, we have completed two volumes with a total of 26 songs. Each volume is designed to be a self-contained worship package. You have the option to purchase songs individually or as complete volume collections. When you buy the collections as a volume package, you get a complete PDF package that includes quick links to print chord charts for guitar and piano, plus a song sheet with lyrics for the members of your small group. Your CCLI number is automatically printed on all the charts and lyric pages.