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Why do the PraiseVocal charts not include the whole song?

The PraiseVocals charts are specifically designed to work with the PraiseVocals vocal tracks (
They are less expensive than the other lead sheets because they have a different purpose.
PraiseVocals is designed to serve primarily worship leaders, worship pastors, vocal directors, praise team and choir vocalists. What makes them unique from any other resource in your toolbox is that they provide professionally performed and recorded vocal harmony audio files of the melody, tenor and alto parts of the most popular and most recent praise and worship songs in the world.
They have recorded each vocal segment of any given song one time. What this means is that if a song has 3 verses, 4 choruses and a bridge. They record the vocal harmonies on only 1 of the verses, 1 of the choruses and the bridge. Each song in their catalog has the following vocal part mixes associated with them:

1. Vocal Mix - this is a full mix with all of the harmony parts.
2. Melody Mix - has the MELODY vocal part featured in the overall mix.
3. Tenor Mix – features the TENOR harmony part.
4. Alto Mix – features the ALTO harmony part.

Now, through their strategic alliance with PraiseCharts, you can download compatible lead sheets. Get the audio from PraiseVocals, get the lead sheets from PraiseCharts, and you are set!

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