Job Opportunities


Marketing Specialist

We are currently looking for a Marketing Specialist to join our core team located in Langley, BC (Canada). If this is a skill and passion of yours, and you would like to work in a dynamic, fast pasted company, reach out to us at with your resume and an introduction of who you are. Posting closes March 23, 2020.

PraiseCharts is a worldwide leader in our core, niche market of selling fully arranged sheet music arrangements (i.e. orchestrations) of modern worship songs, throughout the world, though primarily in the USA. We license rights from all the major Christian music publishers in order to sell our arrangements. Our goal is to maintain a relatively small local staff that functions with a high degree of freedom and flexibility. The core staff is highly committed to this culture while maintaining a sense of innovation, progress, and growth. PraiseCharts has an email reach of more than 200,000 contacts and approximately 20,000 regular customers. On average, we receive more than 10,000 unique visits to our site every day.

Key Concepts

  • Responsible for developing and managing all aspects of our marketing strategy
  • Develop an optimized conversion strategy for all phases of a customer life cycle
  • Responsive to data (analytics and results), focused on results-oriented strategies that lead towards growth in both lead generation and current base strengthening
  • Has a natural interest in the world of modern worship music
  • Attitude towards constantly learning and adapting to the shifting climate of a growing business.

Skills and Attributes

  • Team player
  • Self-motivated, self-directed
  • Strong time management and project prioritization skills
  • Adaptable
  • Understands the mindset of a church worship leader
  • Graphic design skills with creative end-products that focus on message clarity
  • Bent toward modern, minimalist design
  • Familiar with SEO strategies
  • Strong understanding of social media strategy
  • Strong writing skills, can take on an established voice
  • Communicates well within a team (through email, text, Voxer, Basecamp, Asana, and Skype)
  • Working knowledge of HTML and CSS. (for email creation) (not required but encouraged)
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Suite of products (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop)

Job Priorities

  • Execute, monitor and optimize deliberate marketing strategies across various communication channels that engage major customer types: new visitors, regular visitors who have not made a purchase, first-time buyers, regular purchasing customers, potential members, renewing members, customers and members heading towards churn.
  • Curate, write and design content to be disseminated through various channels, including the main site, blog, email, and social media channels.
  • Implement and manage the content and optimization of drip campaigns across our email platform and Facebook messenger subscriber platform.
  • Develop, implement and optimize creative marketing initiatives to appeal to an un-acquired target audience (lead generation)
  • Create specialized campaigns in response to specified needs (seasonal demand, publisher requests, site/product development, etc)
  • Continue to develop already established paid advertising relationships, in addition to cultivating new partnerships.
  • Promote brand awareness through creative efforts

Job Benefits

  • Flexible hours - we mostly work during the day, during the week.
  • Flexible location - mostly in the office, but also able to work from home, coffee shop, etc.
  • Be a part of an established, highly responsive and supportive team, well versed in business management, publishing, networking, programming, web design, and analytics
  • Beautiful semi-private office in Langley BC
  • Regular team-building opportunities

Hours and Location

  • Up to Full-time role, participating in the local core leadership team.
  • In the office at least 2 days per week