Why pay for chord charts when they are free online?

Chord charts are available all over the internet for free, but in many cases, they are not legal, not accurate, and not based on any particular arrangements. We have decided to take chord charts to the next level. It is almost unheard of to find a place that actually sells chord charts, because you can so easily just download and print them for free from hundreds of places on the internet. Unfortunately, most of those places are not legal, and not authorized by the music publishers. PraiseCharts has obtained copyright clearance to make all of these chord charts available. With a CCLI subscription, you can make unlimited copies of these charts for your musicians for use within your church -- all legally, with a clean conscience. The price for these charts is more than reasonable, and well worth the effort we have put into creating them. Read more about our chord charts under the black Products tab on the home page.