What are my options if your arrangement is in a bad vocal range?

We arrange the song in the original key and in one other key that is a little more singable/playable, though we can do key changes at an additional cost. With many of the contemporary songs, the issue isn’t so much the key of the song, but rather the writing style of the song. There is a common writing style in many contemporary songs, in that they have a low verse and a high chorus. This is how Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman write a lot of their songs. The challenge is, you can’t make them too low, because then the verse is too low. But if you bring the verse back into a singable range, the chorus is very high. There is no real way around it. You either have to embrace the song, or pick a different song that has a more narrow vocal range. Sometimes in lowering the key too far, the song ends up lacking the energy, drive, and vibe of the original artist. It is difficult finding the right keys to fit every church.  We can always do key changes for you at an additional cost of $5 for the piano/vocal chart within three semitones of the original, or $15 for the full orchestration chart within three semitones of the original.  To submit a key change request, please use the form under the black Services tab on the home page, or go to www.praisecharts.com/key-change-requests.