How do your praise band arrangements compare to those available from Word Music and the Songs For Praise and Worship series?

In many ways, PraiseCharts owes its inspiration to Word Music when they came out with the Songs For Praise and Worship volume of praise band orchestrations back in 1998. Since then, Word has followed up with several more volumes. PraiseCharts is purely an online publisher. You will find the quality of our arrangements to be at least as good as you would get from Word Music. More than that, you may find that the selection of our titles and the style of our arrangements is slightly more geared to modern, contemporary worship. Being fully online, we are also able to stay very current with the latest worship albums released on the market, especially those from Integrity Music. Finally, PraiseCharts generally patterns their praise band arrangements off the popular recordings. You will usually find that Word Music creates their own arrangements, sometimes with unique intro's, endings and chord selections.