How do I make key changes?

Almost every PraiseCharts arrangement comes with at least two keys to choose from, usually the key from the original recording, and one other. We select the keys based on a number of factors: the popular recording, singability, playability for brass and playability for rhythm section (i.e. guitar). When you open Adobe Reader, click on the desired key in the left Bookmark column. Note that Adobe Reader is not a music based program; therefore, there is no way to dynamically adjust the song to any key you would like. Outside of the keys we provide, you can request a custom key change at a cost of $15 for a full orchestration key change within three semitones of the original key, or $5 for the piano/vocal key change within three semitones of the original key.  Key changes further from the original key can be done, but the arranger will quote a price based on the amount of time it will take to re-voice the chart. Please use the request form or contact for key changes.