Words of Declaration in the Old Testament

Featuring Worshipedia Posted on March 29, 2010

The worshiper is called on to praise God specifically for his great deeds of salvation. The biblical worshiper offers praise both because of the Lord’s character and because of his saving action in history. Hand in hand with the praise of the Lord goes testimony to his great deeds. The Psalms, for example, often alternate between expressions of direct praise to the Lord and declarations of his acts of salvation. Frequently, the psalmists speak of proclaiming or showing forth the Lord’s covenant love, faithfulness, and gracious deeds (“bring out, reveal,” Psalms 19:1; 51:15; 92:2; 145:4). Another often-used expression is sipper, “to tell or recount” the praise, glory, righteousness, and mighty deeds of Yahweh (Psalms 19:1; 26:7; 71:15; 96:3; 102:21). The worshiper may speak of (Psalms 9:1; 40:10) the Lord’s faithfulness and salvation or utter (Psalms 35:28; 63:5) his praise. Worshipers are encouraged to make known (Psalm 89:1) his faithfulness, cause his praise to be heard (Psalm 106:2), or bear good news (Psalm 96:2) of his salvation.

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