Video Song Journal: Live From Breckenridge, Colorado

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on December 26, 2008

The Love of God
Description: This song was born in Breckenridge, CO. It is my declaration of what God's love means to me. - DJ

I Love You
Description: A tribute to Keith Green in a way, inspired by his song "You Are the One" while meditating in Breckenridge, CO - October 2008 - DJ

Great is Your Faithfulness
Description: A song expressing how faithful God is to me. Received here in Breckenridge, CO during October 2008. - DJ

Glorious Day
I went to bed thinking about what a glorious day I would have the next day here in the Rockies surrounding Breckenridge, CO. I woke up and this song was on my mind! - DJ

Come and Reign in Me
After receiving the song ‘Glorious Day’ this song just flowed out of that time of worship. Something about seclusion and solitude (and Breckenridge, CO) brings out the music in me. - DJ

Come To Me
A song from Father's heart. Received on October 22, 2008 while in Breckenridge, CO. For hurting souls. Just one of those songs that fell into my heart. - DJ

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