Victory Christian Centre Releases ONE

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on May 30, 2008

Give me a little grace here, while I let PraiseCharts get somewhat personal.  Trust me, I am not one to leverage PraiseCharts to promote my own music.  However, at the same time, you must understand that in order for me to continue blazing a trail with PraiseCharts, the inspiration has to come from somewhere. I get the privilege of supporting an amazing church in Surrey, British Columbia, called Victory Christian Centre.  A few months ago, they recorded their third live worship album, with a title that follows this years theme at our church: ONE

I really don't think I am biased to say that VCC Live is really raising the bar when it comes to producing a local, live worship album. The songs are passionate, the recording is amazing, and the video is stunning.  I am so proud to have this music now available in PraiseCharts.  My personal favorite is a simple song I have led many times at Life Group in our living room, called GlorifiedJosh Loeve is the lead worshipper on this project that represents some powerful song writing -- very much in the style of Hillsong United

For a deeper look inside the heart behind this album, click here to read an interview I've posted with the Lead Worshipper and main song writer for this album, Josh Loeve.  Enjoy the video montage below to get a birds eye view of the entire album.  If you like the songs, you can download and print the charts here.