Update On New Chord Charts

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on June 20, 2011

Chord charts have been some of the most high demand products at PraiseCharts for the last 3 years.  In behind the scenes, Ryan Dahl (Chief Innovator) has been working with programmers to develop an entirely online system that will allow users to export their music in a variety of different formats.  While this system is being developed, we are already starting to load PDF versions of the charts so that they can be distributed using our current system.  A few weeks ago, we did this with the first 300 charts, testing out a single column, larger font format with blue chords.

That kind of output will be one of many options in the new system, but for now, we have decided to revert back to a two column layout, with bold and black chords.  The biggest benefit of this format is that most songs fit on one page.  In the future, you can look forward to customizing your own output options.

Currently, we have reformatted more than 550 chord charts to the new format.  We are about half way there.  As we complete those arrangements, we are preparing to release a major upgrade to PraiseCharts so that the chord charts will be dynamic, interactive, and exportable in a variety of formats.  Stay tuned for more.