Throw Out The Old?

Featuring Darlene Zschech Posted on March 10, 2010

‘OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW’ I heard myself say as I was joking around with some of the other guys who had been part of our team for a long time. We all nervously laughed, but I was left with a nagging sense that this needed to be dealt with in me, not used as a new catch cry to hide behind whenever I felt insecure. Mmmmmmm, Lord help me. Lord forgive me.

This is a HUGE subject, for again, history proves that many who approach a change of season in leadership, and really need to bring through ‘next genners’, often are not secure enough in who they are WITHOUT holding onto the same position, and so they end up jumping ship TOO early and ridiculing the process in some kind of self-defence.

The scripture at the start of this value is literally the last words of King David, as he readies himself for the ultimate handover, and speaks on the IMPORTANCE of God-fearing leadership... saying that the fruit of this kind of leadership is like the rains after a hot day, refreshing, and life giving.

It is easy to simply hold onto a position or title for dear life, holding on WAY too tight, or you may even acknowledge that change is imminent, but you will leave in a flurry of drama, never to be available to help or coach, and many times, totally ambushing your own next powerful season.

For those of you who are feeling the need to bring change, my advice to you is to make sure that you are LEADING the process WITH STRENGTH out of security and DON’T jump ship. Be a gracious captain, at least until you know that the ship is stable!! Yes, it will look different to how you have always known, and sound different to what you have always heard, but no less heartfelt and God-honouring.

It’s amazing, if you can be strong and generous and motivated by the greatness coming up around you, that it creates a grand state of stability within the team, and that in itself is inspiring. Now we all have moments of sensing a use-by date over us, but seriously, you need to get in the Word of God, and be bigger than these simply dangerous thoughts.

Proverbs 1:33 says, ‘But whoever listens to Me will live in safety, and will be at ease, without fear of harm’.

The enemy seriously takes delight in destroying the territory of the soul, and nega- tive thoughts about oneself left UNCHALLENGED and undealt with, will be enough over time to simply take you out of your own race.

I have a friend who is so disciplined in her home and in her wardrobe, when it comes to ‘out with the old’, that whenever she purchases something new, she ALWAYS gives or throws away whatever it is she was replacing. Fantastic way to keep your home organised, but SO does NOT translate when we are talking about people and seeing them flourish in life. But to treat people like commodities at all is an incredibly damaging way to live and not God-honouring in the slightest.

If people only ever hear from you when you want something from them, then it is not a mystery why you would find gathering the troops hard.

The strength and beauty of the church has always been her passion, her sense of safety, her ability to shine even in the darkest of places... but also, her diversity, her ability to embrace every single person. She is SO unique! Every nation, tribe and tongue - that combination of wisdom and enthusiasm, experience and naivety - the older speaking life and lessons to the younger, and the younger bringing energy and enthusiasm, pioneering in a new way.

When the time comes for a shift to happen, in whatever way shape or form that may be, there does NOT have to be bloodshed and an abrupt ending to a season for it to happen at all. But usually, due to a lack of truthful communication, complications tend to take hold leaving unanswered questions and hearts disappointed - usually it is simply perception setting the tone rather than fact, but that is the result of relationship without communication.

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