There is a King Upon the Throne

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on April 8, 2010

There is only room for one on the throne of our heart. When we sit upon the throne of our own heart we do not give the King His rightful place. When He does not inhabit the throne of our heart we have effectively taken away His power to rule and reign in our lives. When I, for instance, deem myself unworthy of His love I boot Him out as Ruler of my life in that area. When I allow Him to sit upon the throne of my heart it is obvious He loves me…and that I have no right to decide whether He can love me or not. So it goes with other areas of our lives. In my marriage I must allow Him to sit on the throne of my heart in my relationship with my wife. To do otherwise invites self-focus and death of that relationship. So it goes with my children…with my ministry…with my work. There is only one King…and I must give Him the throne of my heart for life to be abundant.

Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel. Psalm 22:3 NASB

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