The Care of Mentoring

Featuring Branon Dempsey Posted on April 1, 2008

Mentoring involves care. This leads to a seeking, listening and empowering others. People are more interested in how much you care (or show your care) rather than just to say words.

When you look at the apostles and Jesus, they hung around Him constantly, even during times of busy crowds, difficult times and moments of quiet. Jesus was present and available. Why is that so? Jesus wanted to experience life with his disciples on every level. He wanted them to witness both his actions and words of God’s love and compassion. When He approached each man in search of becoming His disciple, they were drawn to his care because He first cared for them. That's right. He first sought them out. Searching requires an interest, care and adventure.  Jesus was so interested in their lives to the point of taking them on an adventure with Him, even more so, from death to life.

How is this conceptualized in today's ministry scenario? Nothing has changed since Jesus' day, except the time and culture. Relating authentically to others in caring relationships grant access to their spiritual formation. When the people we mentor see how much we care relationally, they are more ready to receive mentoring-spiritual guidance. Mentoring involves active listening and care. The mentor serves as the guide, the mentoree serves as the pilot in training.

How do you view the effectiveness of care and listening as it relates to mentoring those in ministry?

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