The Battle for Worship

Featuring John Telman Posted on May 14, 2008

There is something very remarkable about worship! Worship is far more than songs during a church service.
- it is commanded in scripture
- there are instructions regarding how to worship
- Solomon wrote 1005 songs (most for worship)
- Satan wants it
- Jesus told the Pharisees it must take place otherwise creation would cry out (Luke 19:40)

In terms of the church...
-countless songs have been written for worship. (Charles Wesley alone wrote over 7000)
- music pastors are now worship pastors
- Christian musicians are now doing worship albums
- worship concerts with highly skilled teams of singers and musicians travel the globe
- videos and CD's of worship ministries are available in more than Christian bookstores
- hundreds of books and articles on the topic of worship can be read
- church budgets include sound systems, instruments and print purchases for musical expressions of worship
- seminars and workshops are offered year round on numerous aspects of worship

Some say the battle for worship is over style. They would be wrong. The battle for worship is over something much more precious than musical style!

Satan didn't tempt Jesus to sing his songs.  He tempted him to give adoration, affection, and servitude that only belongs to the Creator!  Worship is so much more than what we may even fully grasp, but we do know that it is the number one priority for every believer.

One thing the children of Israel learned was that idolatry is a most dangerous practice.  They suffered much because of their own decisions to worship things made by their own hands.  Now, God was never threatened by calves made of gold or by wooden images. However, he knew that idols did have a level of power – the power to take the hearts of his people away from him.  By turning to idols, they became estranged from the one that created them, loved them, and wanted a intimate relationship with them.

Besides that, it was a terrible insult to a being that transcends every living thing. Like the children of Israel, we must recognize the rightful object of worship – the Creator God.  He is not just a word in a song.  He is a person who is so great, so pure, so complete, and so magnificent that worship is a natural response.

When John, who was the closest to Jesus during his earthly life, saw him on the isle of Patmos, he fell at his feet as a dead man. (Revelation 1:17). John was overcome by a true revelation and understanding of who Jesus is. Worship for the Christian is an instinctive part of life as we see the greatness and wonder of who God is.

As worship leaders, we may be distracted about the true nature of our battle. It's not style nor is it conquering people's responses.  My encouragement is to let songs and all that is done be focused on the awesomeness of God. Resist songs of personal declaration and help people see who God is! Sing about him and to him! The battle for worship is won when we see that he alone is to be worshiped!