Stay Up To Date with RSS

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on July 30, 2010

With the new PraiseCharts site now in full swing, there is a new way to stay current with the latest news at PraiseCharts. News will be posted as it happens, and the best way to have it come to you in real-time is through RSS.  If you are not yet familiar with RSS, don't let it scare you.  You don't need to install any programs (necessarily), and once you are set up, you are just a few clicks away from your own customized news paper -- better known as a blog reader.  If you don't have a blog reader yet, I recommend Google Reader.  Google always has a way to make things simple and free without sacrificing quality.

Watch for the orange and white RSS icon - You'll find this icon scattered throughout PraiseCharts, in context with anything that you might be interested in following, as new information is posted.