Significance of Corporate Worship

Featuring Branon Dempsey Posted on April 2, 2008

The assembly of worship consists of those drawn to Christ, who in response, come together according to God's call for worship. Unchurched and pre-Christians also come to the gathering to find God and seek fellowship among believers.  The individual worship begins upon the recognition of God's presence and being, while working through the responder. The worshipper is moved to acknowledge, confess and to answer God based on His attributes, acts of righteousness and sovereignty of His lordship. In a corporate setting, the worshipper is among a congregation of other worshippers, who together respond to God in a united chorus.  The congregation as one body celebrates, confesses and gives thanks to God by a community of praise. The individual and communal worship of God is discovered in the gathering of hearts and minds through the connection of His word, prayer, praise and brotherhood.  The worshipful response from a person is an outflow of what God has revealed and invested into the heart of the worshipper.

A Biblical understanding of worship in the gathering and edification among the congregation is vital for communal worship unto God.  How do you see this reflected in your own worship experience and growth in the Church?