Scatter darkness with Your majesty

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on February 13, 2010


“…Scatter darkness with Your majesty…” 

Sometimes the darkness of the world tends to overshadow all that seems good. These days what is good and right has now become demonized. And sadder still, what is evil and wrong is now celebrated as the conventional wisdom of the day. When a Kingdom – like the kingdom of this world – gets out of order, that order can only be restored by the one who has the authority to do so. Jesus has all authority in heaven and on earth. He is the King of Kings – Lord of all. The one with the power and authority can, by his mere presence, scatter the darkness with his light. We are called to be his royal ambassadors here on this earth…so guess where He chooses to shine that light and authority from? You and I who are His followers. Let’s not waste time complaining about the darkness. Let’s unleash the power of the King and bring Kingdom order to the world around us. Exalt Jesus and watch Him scatter the darkness with His majesty! 

Take time today to take a fresh look at the darkness around you and allow the Lord to reveal to you new ways to shine forth His light and love to those around you. 

I will speak of the glorious honor of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works. 

…to make known to the sons of men his mighty acts, and the glorious majesty of his kingdom.

Psalm 145:5 KJV & Psalm 145:12 KJV