Off to Nashville for GMA Week

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on April 19, 2008

Debby Berry, my executive associate, and I will be in Nashville, Tennessee for GMA Week from April 19-26. This is a week when many music publishers, labels and artists come together in Nashville for an inspiring, four day conference. Time and time again as I have journeyed to Nashville to meet with publishers - both big and small - I have come away with such a clear sense that there is no possible way I could be doing what I am doing through PraiseCharts without the clear hand of God, parting the waters in front of me. 

Debby is an anointed businesswoman and Bible teacher.  It is a miracle in and of itself how she joined the PraiseCharts team. Now, she is becoming a significant "hidden" force in shaping the future of PraiseCharts. You may not know her yet.  In time, she may rise to the surface in "PraiseCharts land" and make her presence more public.  I am amazed at how God has allowed me to gather a team of truly gifted, anointed, and called-out people who take great joy in serving worshipers and worship leaders all around the world through PraiseCharts.  We are working in a living, breathing miracle.

All that to say, if you care about PraiseCharts and where God is leading us, please pray for us this next week. We are blazing some exciting trails.  We need the continued hand of God and favor of God in everything we do and say. We want the total freedom to build our dream, and then use that to serve hundreds, thousands, and even millions all around the world in the coming years.  This is the day the Lord has made for us - we count it a privilege to serve you!