Nominees For the Duncan Africa Guitar Give-A-Way (Part 3)

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on January 12, 2014

Here is part 3 of a special blog series we have posted to honor the hundreds of worship leaders who were nominated to win the Duncan Africa Guitar in our 12 Days Of Christmas Promotion of 2013/2014. Only one person could win the guitar, but there were so many great stories from the other nominations, that we decided to ask for permission to post them. Within a day, we had more than 250 people give us permission to post their stories. So, here they are - pages, and pages, and pages of them. This is our testimony to honor the worship leaders who work so hard and tirelessly for church ministries all over the world. Thank you!

Jeff is my band leader at Chapel Hill Christian Church. Since I am a keyboard player, Jeff is a vital part of our team because he helps all of the guitar players play at their fullest potential. He is a volunteer who puts countless hours into helping me arrange songs and put worship sets together. He practices all the time and strives for excellence in everything. Above all, he has a true heart for worship and loves The Lord with all his heart, soul and mind. He is a leader in our group and a wonderful example of Christ to all of us! ~ Kim Shelton, for Jeff Muehl

The young man is doing an awesome job playing and assisting our worship team and it would be a thrill to see him have a quality instrument. He has a wonderful heart for God and a dynamic influence on our youth department as well. ~ Christi Rogers, for Jonathan Freeman

David and the rest of the Worship Team lead us into the presence of God each week. David is not the only worship leader - we rotate between 4 leaders. However, he is a North Central student who is always there, each Sunday, to help us set up and do what ever is needed. His major at school is worship leading. He doesn't have a dad to help get him what he needs, so David earns the money for his college himself. My husband and I love his gentle spirit and his passion for leading worship. We are a portable church that is in it's third year, and everyone serves as a volunteer. I believe this could be a real gift from God for him! ~ Cindy Hendrick, for David Averitt

Colin is a very talented and dedicated singer, acoustic guitar player, and aspiring song writer who is a faithful member of our worship leading team. His guitar was stolen out of his car recently and he is borrowing one from our minister. It would be a huge blessing to surprise him with this wonderful guitar! ~ Cindy Vandenburg, for Colin Tobin

I'm nominating the son of our good friends; Ryan Paonessa is a young man who we've known since he was a boy. He has a beautiful heart of worship, coupled with a gift of tremendous talent both in singing & playing. He's the worship leader at his church & needing to replace his old guitar which is having problems. He said he'd consider it a great honor to play a guitar produced by such a worthy non-profit. We love, admire & want to stand behind him! ~ Cindy Rivington, for Ryan Paonessa

Carrie is an aspiring, self taught, guitarist who plays occasionally in our worship services at Byron Center Bible Church. She also accompanies our Youth Ensemble and does some open mic playing at a local coffee shop on Friday nights. She works hard at her skills and this would be an awesome blessing for her and great encouragement in her endeavor to praise our awesome Lord and Savior with this instrument. ~ Chris Pipe, for Carrie Fennema

I would like to nominate my husband Jonathan to win one of these beautifully made guitars . He would dearly love a really well made guitar but can't afford one and couldn't justify spending so much on a guitar even if he had the money. Jonathan often leads worship at our small inner city church where he is also an Elder. Between spending time with me and our 5 year old daughter ( who loves dancing and singing when daddy sings and plays his guitar) and church , he also enjoys writing songs which help lead us into worship at church. Jonathan really loves music and especially playing his guitar which would be made more special if it was a great guitar like this one. ~ Claire Aldridge, for Jonathan Aldridge

He is our worship leader at our church, The Summit. Wade is a true man of God, a dedicated worship leader and a talented musician both vocally and as a guitarist. His desire is to point people to Christ by using his talent to write music and by teaching people how to worship. I think he is very deserving of winning the Duncan Africa acoustic guitar, which is why I am nominating him. ~ Claudette Murdoch, for Wade Lodge

Guitarist Savannah Young will be graduating from home school and entering college on a full music scholarship this year. She intends to pursue a future in praise and worship, and already models this as a teen. She plays in the youth praise band and the Sunday morning worship team each week. She knows the Bible, lives the Bible, and shares the Bible here in Houston and on various mission trips around the world. This guitar would be an amazing way to support Savannah in serving the Lord for years to come! ~ Chaundra Ward, for Savannah Young

Daniel is manager of the band Hymnal which is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistani Christians face unbelievable abuse and discrimination in a country that is 96% Muslim. However, Daniel and the other boys in the band are very loud vocal representatives for the Lord Jesus Christ. In Pakistan, most jobs have the requirement that you be Muslim and if you are fortunate enough to get a job as a Christian, the pay scale is much less. For that reason, finances to fund things such as equipment is not easy to come by. Here is a link to the one English song Hymnal has recorded (their other songs are in Urdu). I'm hoping to see them do much much more in days to come. ~ Cheryl Collette, for Daniel Arther

I am nominating Tim Coy, one of the guitarists at our church. Tim has served faithfully in our worship ministry for many, many years, serving in technical / sound-related areas, as well as playing most weeks in our Wednesday and Sunday services. Tim is not one to ask for anything for himself, and I know a guitar like this would be a blessing to him - and would be put to good use, particularly in the context of worship. Please accept my nomination of Tim Coy, a faithful musician, worshiper and team member in our church family. ~ Carlee Ragains, for Tim Coy

Living in Africa, we are faced with many of the challenges of poverty. My son Tristan who is a drummer and more recently a guitarist in our worship team attends a school that is very very community aware. As a result he is involved with many community service projects via the school and our church is doing a lot of work in disadvantaged communities - he would love to spread the word via music. He is one of the musical representatives for Africa being involved in the Kearsney College Choir which has put Africa on the map in terms of world choir performances - yes, it's a choir, but they represent Africa at the World Choir Games in Religious and Scenic Folklore categories which means they use accompaniment via drums, guitars and piano - would be great to have the Duncan Africa logo on a guitar representing Africa on the world stage! ~ Craig Dixon, for Tristan Dixon

Russ Rosen uses his guitar to stir crowds all over Canada to open up to stories about God's history with people. An avid performer and major veteran of Christian music, a Duncan Africa acoustic guitar would be well invested on Russ Rosen. ~ Craig Ketchum, for Russ Rosen

Allen is a good friend of mine who serves as college minister at another church in my area. He has a tremendous heart for college students, and does a fantastic job of passing on to them his passion for ministry and missions. He has encouraged them to get involved in ministry in Senegal through annual trips. He also encourages them to be supportive of others in ministry, as my wife and I have experienced first hand (his college students graciously donated over $1000 to us to help with our international adoption fees!) Allen is also over the young adult ministry of his church, and through this ministry, has partnered with an orphanage in Uganda to provide miscellaneous supplies on a regular basis. The young adult ministry also sends people to Uganda periodically to help with the orphanage. Allen has an incredible ability to creatively apply the resources God has given him to furthering the Gospel, and I can think of no one who deserves this beautiful guitar more. ~ Timmy Ray, for Allen Tate

I am nominating my daughter Bree for the guitar because playing is her passion. She is a junior in high school and for her career desires to be an elementary school music teacher with a concentration in music therapy for children of special needs. She taught herself to play the Ukulele in 7th grade which peaked her interest and desire to play the guitar. Bree wanted an acoustic guitar for Christmas in 8th grade so that she could teach herself to play that too and become part of the worship team for our youth at church. She did get the guitar that she wanted for Christmas and with the help of Youtube, Bree mastered teaching herself how to play and has led worship for our tween ministry as well as providing music for our Women's conference this past year. One of our youth committed suicide this year and it has been very difficult on my daughter. They had been friends since they were 5 years old and had a shared love for music and theater. Bree struggles with a lot of the same teenage issues that her friend dealt with and since his death her anxiety's have increased tremendously, however the Lord and Music have helped my daughter stay focused through this tragedy. I think winning a new acoustic guitar would bring new life and happiness to Bree and selfishly put a smile on my face to see her happy. ~ Cindy Verrill, for Bree Verrill

Nathan is one of the most gifted and faithful musicians I know. He leads our Praise and Worship Sunday evening services and has been for the past 7 years. During this time, he has been working and going to school but has remained faithful in serving Sunday after Sunday. Nathan plays mostly by ear and can play anything. He can jam with the rest of them...though his favorite style of music is bluegrass! I have known Nathan since he was a young boy and he has always been a blessing to me. For him to receive the Duncan Africa acoustic guitar would be an amazing blessing to him. ~ Cindy Yeager, for Nathan Siwak

She is my baby girl...a wonderful worship leader who could use a fine instrument. (Even if it is a guitar...piano parent's kids rebel by playing the guitar. :) ~ Dale Moore, for Lenee Golden

Awesome guitarist, but has to play an old rugged (though decent) guitar. His family can not afford a new/better guitar. They struggle financially and both he and his wife works to make ends meet. He volunteers and plays in our church band and spends lots of time learning and teaching others. He loves music and wants to share that love of music with others. ~ Franklin Krebs, for Jason Kelly

Samantha is a talented young lady who has taught herself to play guitar so when she goes to Africa to minister to the children and orphans, she can teach them songs about Jesus! ~ Darla Cherry, for Samantha Brown

Josh Grant is my nephew. He is a very special, caring, young man. He plays a guitar that does not have near the quality of the Duncan Africa guitar. He can certainly serve the Lord in church and elsewhere with this guitar. He is committed to serving the Lord with his speech, his photography, his artistic talent, and his instrumental music--the guitar. Thank you. ~ David Grant, for Josh Grant

Larry is Pastor at Halifax Metro Vineyard church, Lwr Sackville Nova Scotia Canada . Larry needs a new Guitar , he is the JJ cale of Worship, full of love for God spirit and Rhythm. He also is a leader at Vineyard Rwanda. All who know Larry adore him. ~ Dave Corkum, for Larry Levy

Darryl is the Tech Arts Director at my church. 10 years ago his wife, Heather, entered an online give-a-way sponsored by a Christian publishing company for an Avalon acoustic guitar - the very one played by Chris Tomlin at that time. In fact she won the contest and yes, the beautiful $2500 guitar. Since they only had very small children at the time they made the decision to donate this guitar to our church. This is the guitar I still play every Sunday leading worship at Twin Cities. Now, years later, I believe it would be a fitting turn of events for them to receive a replacement on their generous donation. ~ Dave Bollen, for Darryl Owens

I am nominating my son-in-law Grant Caldwell to win this beautiful African guitar. I was the worship leader at our church for over 10 years, and an illness made me have to step down from that position. Grant was a member of the praise team during the last few years of that time. He took over the worship leader position in my place and has done an outstanding job of picking worship sets and leading worship. He has a passion for the Lord and a heart for people. He enjoys leading people into God’s presence. He loves to collect unique instruments and has started his collection with an Aboriginal didgeridoo and an African djembe. This guitar would make an excellent addition to his collection not only as a keep sake, but for playing too as he leads worship from the acoustic guitar. As I found, Grant has looked to PraiseCharts for new music to bring to our congregation. It is a great resource. Thank you for your consideration. ~ Dave Hudgins, for Grant Caldwell

I'm the Worship Pastor at our church. I have the most wonderful, dedicated worship team who are a blessing to me! Randy is our bass player. He's a well driller by trade, which abuses his body and destroys his hands. On the weekends, he an his wife do the custodial work at our church. No matter how tired, banged up or emotionally drained Randy is, he ALWAYS has a positive attitude and is up to play anytime, anywhere. It is his gift to the Lord and you can see it on his face when he plays. He loves to play the guitar, but doesn't have one. I can't think of a more deserving person to bless with this special guitar! ~ David Thomas, for Randy Buchhold

He was our bass player until our lead guitarist moved out of town. He took the initiative to learn lead and has done it very quickly. He is an asset to our worship team and I couldn't imagine being without him. ~ David Hyatt, for Colby Thompson

This is a 20 year old kid in university. He grew up in a single parent home. He has learned to play guitar beautifully and uses his talent in church, especially in our youth group. Sam has a great heart. He has served as a summer student twice and plans to apply again this year. This would be an incredible blessing to a kid who blesses me. ~ Daniel Corey, for Sam Nan

Danny Davis is our Minister of Music at Living Word Church of the Nazarene. He came to us about 2 years ago, in the wake of a very bad situation with the previous Minister of Music. Things were difficult for him because there was a lot of distrust with people. But Danny took it all in stride. I know it must have been difficult for him, but he bathed our church and our music ministry in prayer. And today I can say that Danny ushers us into the presence of God each week as we prepare to hear God's message by our pastor. Not only does Danny play the guitar beautifully, but he also plays the trumpet and is a singer. A musician like Danny could really appreciate how special this Duncan African Guitar is, and you can be assured that this beautiful instrument would be used each week in praise and worship of our great God, Jehovah. ~ Debra Alons, for Danny Davis

Ramsey is our youth pastor and lead guitarist on our worship team. He is an accomplished guitarist and I know he would love to add this to his collection. Currently, his wife is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer and I'm sure this guitar would be a blessing to both of them! Thank you for your consideration. ~ Debbie Gohn, for Ramsey Longaker

Dave Horn and his wife, Sabra, have given their life to serving our Awesome God. They travel around the US giving concerts, doing VBS, youth events, worship services, whatever is needed. They live in their RV and do not own a home. Dave is an ordained minister with a heart for God and spreading the Gospel. He is a very talented musician. They would put this guitar to very good use for God's kingdom. Money is tight, it would be a great gift and encouragement for them. Either way, God bless Dave and Sabra Horn. ~ Donna Else, for Dave Horn

I am nominating Jake Zampier, Worship Pastor at Calvary Efree Church of Trumbull Ct to receive this gift in honor of Pastor Dave who dedicated his life to service of our Lord. He spent many years reaching out to the Sudan people by bringing the gospel to them and coordinating mission trips to the area. He loved the Lord, his family, and his church family with a passion that will be forever remembered. He was also a talented musician who loved singing and playing and lifting up beautiful music in worship. I, Dawn Leety, have since moved from the area and work as a worship coordinator at Bethel Memorial Baptist in Easton, PA and felt compelled to honor and remember Pastor Dave by nominating him to receive this guitar post humously.

Rev. David R. McIntyre, May 27, 1951 - March 22, 2011 (Pastor of Calvary Evangelical Free Church). Rev. David R. McIntyre, age 59, of Trumbull, beloved husband of Andrea Landru McIntyre, went to be with the Lord on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at his home, after a long battle with cancer. Born in Warsaw, Indiana on May 27, 1951, he was a son of Maxine Takens McIntyre of Sparta, Michigan and the late Robert McIntyre. He earned a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and served as youth pastor and senior pastor at Calvary Evangelical Free Church in Trumbull for over 33 years. In addition to his wife and his mother, survivors include three daughters, Krista, Elise and Jessica McIntyre, all of Trumbull; a sister Mary Engelsman and her husband Dave of Michigan; a brother, Dan McIntyre and his wife Dorcas of Georgia as well as many nieces and nephews. ~ Dawn Leety, for Jake Zampier


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