New Multi-Copy Sales of Charts and Tracks

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on January 29, 2011

You may have noticed a new addition to Download tab on our Song pages.  We are in the early stages of introducing multi-copy sales of our audio and print resources.  Until now, you could only purchase 1 copy.  In many cases, we were able to allow you to make up to 5 copies from that initial purchase.  After that, you had to either manually purchase additional copies, or rely on permission from other sources (e.g. CCLI).  Unfortunately, CCLI does not multi-copy permission for all our charts and tracks.  Exactly what is covered by CCLI is in the territory for CCLI to explain.  Nonetheless, there are situations where purchasing more than 5 multiple copies is definitely desired, and is definitely not covered by CCLI.  This is the ground toward which we are rolling out a solution.  As we are able to handle multi-copy sales of downloadable charts and tracks, we intend to become a much better resource for worship choirs, in particular.  The Easter collection, Gone (by Geron Davis), is the first choral project produced in cooperation with PraiseCharts specifically with digital multi-copy distribution in mind.

If you are at one of the Song Detail pages from the Gone project, you will see a layout something like this under the Download tab.


The Owned column is meant to track the number of copies you have purchased in the past.  If you are entitled to a volume discount, the number of copies previously purchased will be considered.  In the future, charts that when you download will be stamped with your church's name and the numer of copies you have purchased.

The Qty column is mean to give you an option to indicate the quantity of copies you wish to purchase.  You will see the amount under the Price column change based on how many copies you indicate in the Qty column.

The amount indicated in the Price column may be a little confusing to interpret.  The actual per copy price is not clearly indicated yet.  We are still working on a better solution for this.  The price that is listed is the minimum price you are able to pay.  For example, the price for Choir Parts (SATB) shows as $3.75, but the price per copy is $0.75 cents each.  That means, if you change the Qty to 5, the price will still be $0.75.  However, if you change the Qty to 6, the price will change to $4.25.  If you order higher quanities, the per copy rate may come down even lower than $0.75 cents each.  For now, the best way to find out the actual price for the number of copies you want is to enter your number in the Qty column, press TAB, and then see what shows up under the Price column.  If you are satisfied with that price, click Add To Cart.

The Gone project is a prototype for the new Multi-Copy sales feature in PraiseCharts.  We welcome your feedback.  The layout will continue to improve with even greater clarity in the future.  What is even more exciting is that this functionality will open many doors for PraiseCharts to become a more effective resource for worship choirs in the future.  Stay tuned for more.