Like lovers need the night

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on January 30, 2010

“…Like lovers need the night…”

My wife and I have nine children. People constantly joke with us saying, “Don’t you know what causes that?” And our reply is always, “Yes! And we like it!” For us to have made those babies, we had to first become intimate physically. In other words, without intimacy there would have been no life. How can we expect deep and abundant spiritual life if we do not seek intimacy with our Maker? When I come to Jesus in honesty and intimate confession of the depths of my heart, it is as if I stand before Him naked and say, “Here is my heart, Lord. Into-me-see.” That’s great, but it is still not true intimacy yet. In that same moment that I come before Him in honest confession He says to me, “Son, here is My heart. Into-Me-see.” It is when we exchange life with God relationally, intimately through prayer, worship, and meditation that more life is produced…just as when a man and a woman come together in physical intimacy to produce a child. True life is born of knowing and being known.

Meditate today on the things you need to confess to Father…and then take time to hear what He says in response to you.
…that I may know Him…

Philippians 3:10a NASB