Jesus, My King. My Heart, His Throne

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on April 8, 2010

So many times in my life I have come to the place of crossroads where my perception of what I think I need meets the reality of what my Maker says my needs are. It is when I try to meet those needs in ways He never intended that I get myself in trouble. Sometimes the need is met simply by putting off a lie and putting on the truth. Sometimes the need is met through a series of trials that produce holy pressure brought about by the consequences of my sin. In either case, I have had to realize that I have been sitting on the throne of my own heart in disregard of the perspective of the King of my heart. Deliverance has come as I have stepped down from that throne and allowed Him His proper place there.

As you go about your day, look for the areas you are seated on the throne and actively dethrone yourself. Areas of conflict or failure are great places to look.
The LORD has established His throne in the heavens,
And His sovereignty rules over all.
Psalm 103:19 NASB

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