Introducing Tom Clark

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on May 16, 2008

Tom lives in San Juan Capistrano, California, where he raises his family of two daughters with his wife Theresa and runs his art studio. Tom's Bio.

Let's hear Tom in his own words about life, ministry and painting:
"I do design work and illustration work, which is all well and good, and I love it. But I wanted to do something that wasn't so client-based and where I could express myself in a way that gave glory to God. Then a week or so later, I had a meeting with my pastor, and we were discussing design for a staging of an Easter production. I said, "Hey, let's put some artwork on the walls next to the stage." He said, "Well, how about if you just do it while I'm speaking?" So it was during a Communion service. I got up and started painting ... People were like, "Why is this guy getting up?" I'd told the pastor not to talk about it, not to make it a big deal. I'd said, "I'll just be in the background, painting, to add to the message." Then the lights went down, and we had candles. It was actually quite moving for a lot of people. I painted the elements, the wine and bread, the crown of thorns. It was four paintings in 45 minutes. I was really moving fast. ... I was going, "God, I don't even know what I'm doing." And I got this confirmation that said, "It's not about you. Just worship and I'll help out." ... I got goosebumps. I just went, "Wow, this is really incredible what just happened here."

"Some of the biggest reactions I get are from people who believe they are not artistic in any way, but they admire my just getting up with the blank canvas and painting. I always tell people that's how you should approach life through God, as a blank canvas. Allow God to fill that picture in. We can make mistakes. He allows us through his grace to paint over those mistakes.  I think so many people grid out their lives, paint by numbers, and they don't get to express or really live. They've confined what they can do, and they've also confined what God can do in their lives, how he can takes us places we never found imaginable. So I like it when there are some people who don't have any experience. I think the main thing is to get people to get past their inhibitions about anything and to trust a little bit in what they can do and to go for it."

Watch for more of Tom as he brings the ministry of visual art and imagery of the Word through his articles and paintings. Visit Tom's personal website at: or send him a comment at: