Introducing EasyBand Orchestrations

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on November 23, 2010

This week we are excited to introduce a new series of orchestrations to PraiseCharts under the EasyBand Series.  EasyBand orchestrations offer simplified instrumental lines well suited for younger, less experienced musicians.  These new charts are also well suited for bands that don't have a mid-week practice, and need a simple chart that they can pull off a great sound in a short amount of practice time.

EasyBand arrangements are based on existing Worship Band arrangements.  They share the same lead sheet, piano part, and rhythm part.  There are less instrumental parts, with more part doubling in order to give musicians more confidence as they play.

Below is a comparison between the Trumpet 3 part for the song "Our God" by Chris Tomlin.  Here, you can see the Worship Band and EasyBand instrumental lines side by side.  Notice that the basic groove and songflow is unchanged.  The parts are merely simplified.

Worship Band Orchestration

Worship Band Orchestration Example


EasyBand Orchestration

EasyBand Orchestration Example

Why EasyBand?

PraiseChaerts began out of the experience of a local worship pastor working in a small church with mostly high school level musicians.  Over time, PraiseCharts has grown to a place where we supply thousands of churches with music every week.  Many of those churches have high level musicians who appreciate the substance of our arrangements.  Rather than continue with a one-size-fits-all model of arranging, we have created an alternative, specifically targeting a new generation of musicians rising up through our local schools and colleges.

Psalms 149 and 150 exort us to use many instruments in our praise to God.  That is the heart behind PraiseCharts.  The goal is not to sing the latest popular song, or to sound like the radio recordings.  The goal is to provide a place for young musicians to get involved and use their talents to glorify God.  let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord!

For a complete list of titles that have EasyBand arrangements available, go to

Questions and Answers

  1. Where do I find these EasyBand arrangements? Go to and click on a title.  Under the Download tab, you will see a new product type called EasyBand Orchestrations.
  2. Can I mix EasyBand musicians with Worship Band musicians? It is possible, but not recommended.  The EasyBand arrangement is designed as a cohesive unit.  Some of the instrumental lines may clash with instruments from the Worship Band arrangement.
  3. Do EasyBand arrangements still reflect the popular recording?  Yes, the lead sheet, piano part, rhythm chart, chord progressions and basic song flow are unchanged.  So, the "arrangement" is still the same, while the instrumental lines are modified.
  4. If I already have the Piano/Vocal part, do I then just have the option of upgrading to the Worship Band or Easy Band orchestration? Yes.  And, if you end up purchasing both orchestrations, you get a discount on the 2nd one because they both share the same lead sheet and piano part.
  5. Do the EasyBand arrangements have all the same instrumental parts as the Worship Band arrangements?  No, there are less instrumental parts in the EasyBand version.  EasyBand orchestrations include the following (in addition to the Lead Sheet, Piano/Vocal and Rhythm Charts):
    • Trumpet 1-2
    • Alto Sax / Trumpet 3
    • Trombone 1-2 / Tenor Sax 1-2
    • C Instrument (Flute/Oboe) / Clarient
    • Synth Strings