Interview with Josh Loeve (Lead Worshipper for VCC Live)

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on May 30, 2008

Josh Loeve is my worship pastor, and it is my privilege to introduce him to you as we proudly launch the third live recording from my home church, Victory Christian Centre.  In this written interview, you'll get an inside look at the heart of a young worship leader who is sold out for God, ministering every week in a church that is thriving and blazing a trail for creating a local ministry with a world-reaching impact.  Read below as Josh answers my questions about the album, ONE.

How does the album ONE reflect the heart-beat of your church?
Although there are so many elements that make up the heart-beat of our church, “relationships”  would be one of the foundational principles.  Our whole lives are built around relationships:  relationships with Christ, our spouses, family, and friends reflect the journey we’re on, the way in which we live and where we are going.  This album has a definite focus on building our relationship with Christ, but also speaks to the responsibility we have as ONE individual to affect the people around us who don’t have these relationships.  The heartbeat of God is for His Church and the lost.  Both are about relationship.  

How have we developed as worship leaders/songwriters in the last couple of years?
Well as a worship team we’ve definitely grown in our ability to communicate what worship is and then live what we sing. That is probably the biggest area of growth for us. Also, we’ve grown our song-writing core from one or two writers to seven, which means that its more of a reflection of our church then a reflection of one or two people.

I would also say that the writing process is becoming easier, because they’re more people to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from.  As a result, we feel we’re really developing our own unique style and sound… a true reflection of individuals coming together to do more than they could do on their own.  

What kind of impact do you hope to have through this album, inside your church, and outside your church?
I think we want to see people come in contact with the heart of God and in doing so fall in love with His church. We really hope that churches and even the outside world will see that a bunch of ordinary people can come together and do extraordinary things for God. The only reason we are able to do an album like this is because we are a church and we walk in unity. No one sees the person who cleaned the toilets in preparation for the service or ushered people into their seats or those that spent time in prayer for the album, but they are as much a part of it as those on the platform.  Church is unique because the platform is only a small part of the church. We hope people will realize that as they watch the DVD and listen to the CD.

Is there a song or two from the album that has uniquely captured the heart of your church?


I think there are two songs that have really connected well with our church.

Glorified was written by one of our keyboardists. When we first heard the song it never really felt finished, but the verse and chorus were amazing. We wrote about 3 different bridges and spent hours laboring over the song, but it never really seemed like anything fit. So we just played it without a bridge and instantly it seemed to connect with the church. The bridge was eventually written later out of a time of corporate worship.  

Revolution is a song written around our church theme of ‘What If One?’ and the responsibility that we have to live our life for others. We found that because the message of the song was related to the teaching so well the church instantly connected. It has become the church theme song this year.  

What song(s) do you think have the most potential to capture other churches around the world?
They would probably be Glorified, Revolution, Hiding Place or All You Are

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