I give everything to You! My life! The things I hold on to

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on April 27, 2010

Sometimes we hold on to things without even realizing it. One of the easiest things to hold on to is bitterness toward those who wound us. To not forgive those who wound us is to put ourselves in a position to die a slow, agonizing death. To continue to hold on to the hurt in the hope of making the guilty party pay is an exercise in futility. We only hurt ourselves. We essentially place our own heart and mind in prison while the offender goes about his life. To give up the hope of avenging your own hurt is freedom. To give up the hope of changing what happened is freedom. To release the offender of the debt you perceive he owes you actually frees YOU. To realize the healing power of God for the wounds you have received you must let go of the unforgiveness. You must let go of the bitterness in order to reach for Jesus. Forgiveness is foundational to your freedom. 

Take time today to release those who have hurt you. Let them go and forgive their debt. Actively ask the Lord to bless them. You might also want to actively forgive yourself for things you think are unforgivable to you about yourself. Let go! Let go! Let go! 

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? 

For what will a man give in exchange for his soul? 

Mark 8:36-37 NASB 

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