How Has Cinderella Impacted You?

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on May 19, 2008

One of the traditions in our church is our annual Daddy Daughter dance, largely inspired by the heart of our pastor, John Burns, whose life message is all about the seeing families and marriages flourish.  Check out his books here, including the award winning, Miracle In A Daddy's Hug. My favorite moment of last year had to be the slow dance with my little girl, Lydia.  Her eyes filled with tears in my embrace as we swayed to the melody of Steven Curtis Chapman's Cinderella.  Clearly, this is a stand out song for many in Steven's latest album. Perhaps not a typical "worship song," but most definitely a song about the "worship life".  There is no surprise this song has crept into our Top 25 list, and with Father's Day coming soon, it is sure to rise.  If you have any "worship life" stories about this song, we'd love to hear your feedback. If you are looking for the charts, we have them ready to download, print and play at PraiseCharts.