He’s Everything He Says He is…

Featuring Matt Redman Posted on September 5, 2008

Approached from any angle, our God is glorious, majestic, loving and holy. You can search as long as you like but you will find no gaps in His greatness or goodness. He is steadfast, constant and perfect.

When we study a person for a while, before long, we will find some kind of ‘chink’ in their armour, some kind of inconsistency perhaps. For although we may each have admirable qualities, none of us are as steadfast, faithful or unflawed as we would hope to be. God, however, is different. He tells us He is holy, and it is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He tells us He is love, and everywhere you look you will find His love. He tells us He is faithful, and as we investigate we discover that He is absolutely true to His word. He is the perfect and unfailing King of Glory. He is the incomparable God of holiness, set apart to be worshipped and adored. Constantly He shines with splendor. Moment after moment He radiates grace, peace and love. There is no lapse in His character or inconsistency in His nature. Our God is everything he says He is… for now and all eternity.