Free Family Prayers Book For Christmas

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on December 14, 2010

If  you've kept up on recent PraiseCharts news, you know about our our recent acquisition of WorshipTraining.  Dan Wilt is a highly respected author and teacher in the world of worship education.  WorshipTraining was a seed that he planted in early 2010, but soon realized he needed a garden to nurture that seed.  We are thrilled to have Dan joining our team, and plan to re-launch WorshipTraining in early January at  


Dan has written a book entitled Family Prayers, and it is a book of prayers and readings for the holiday season.  Dan says "Out of years of praying with my wife, children and extended family during the very special season of Christmas, which is a part of the Cycle of Light in the Christian Worship Year, I had a felt need to create prayers that 'worked' for us through the holidays. Family Prayersis the result - resources for family worship times around festive events and meals."


He'd like to offer it to the PraiseCharts community for free!  You can download it here