Faithful Through It All Song Story

Posted on May 19, 2014

In an almost shameful way, as the church often doesn’t address these very common afflictions. In Christ Jesus we are not victims but Victors over these and there is hope in Him. “Faithful Through it All (Maddie’s Song)” was born out of two of a Song receivers worst trials of his life in which Anxiety and Depression nearly stripped him of his mind, his family, his job, and almost his life. At literally the darkest night of his life, God reminded him of the promise in Joshua 1:9 and the hope of Matthew 6:25-30. In those verses, the lyrics literally poured out. No matter what happens in life, God will cause the sun to rise over the mountains, birds will fly and fill the air, flowers will bloom displaying their colors, and God is Faithful through it all. How much more Faithful He is to us. His promise is that he will never leave us nor forsake us and that He is there with us through it all. This is the promise of Hope in our Darkness!

Just a week before Justin Mosteller was set to track vocals for the song, God spoke that there needed to be another verse to the song and the very next day the story of Maddie Yate’s youtube goodbye message before her suicide flooded social media. That day a third verse was written and the song has now been dedicated to Maddie’s Memory. Half of the profits from the song are being donated to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in Maddie’s honor. Our prayer for this song is that it shine the light of hope that Christ provides and that those suffering from the debilitating afflictions of Anxiety and Depression come to know that our God is truly “Faithful Through it All!”

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