Featuring John Telman Posted on August 5, 2008

Genesis 4:1-12 is arguably the first recorded instance of “worship” in the Bible, since there was a sacrifice to God involved.

The text does not tell us that there was anything wrong with the type of sacrifice (the “how” of worship) but it makes it very clear that there was something wrong in Cain’s heart.

God had “regard for Abel”.  God did not have “regard for Cain”.  Subsequently, Cain’s offering was not approved.  God saw the heart of each man.  We don’t know what sinful attitude was in Cain’s heart, but there must have been something there for God to reject his sacrifice.

Instead of repenting for whatever unrighteousness was in his heart that caused his offering to be rejected by God, Cain turned on his brother, and then tried to hide his sin from God.This passage teaches us two things:

1) The condition of our heart matters.

Our charisma and/or talent is not enough.  If there is sin in our attitude or activities, our musical offering is not acceptable to God.  And His acceptance is the only thing that matters when it comes to worship.

2) When we are confronted about sin, we need to be humble and repent.

If we are made aware of sin in your life, we need to run to God in repentance.  He desires that more than anything.  He will forgive and cleanse.  Then our musical offerings will be acceptable to Him.

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