About The "Resurrection Overture"

Featuring Don Chapman Posted on March 10, 2011

On special occasions like Christmas and Easter we like to do instrumental pieces at our church with our praise band. The problem is most instrumentals available are of the more orchestrated/blended style.
Our style is the typical Chris Tomlin/pop sound - we don't have an orchestra. So that's why I created the Resurrection Overture for Easter and the Christmas Concerto for Christmas. These instrumental pieces are fun for praise bands to play and give them a chance to flex their musical muscles.
The pieces are designed to open a Christmas or Easter service - then follow with your usual praise set and service order.
You can pull off these instrumentals with as little as a piano, electric guitar, synth strings, bass and drums. But if your band is advanced enough to be able to work with click tracks, that's where the sonic icing comes in. I've included a click track with the extra bells and whistles that will make your group sound truly professional - added orchestration and drum loops. Also included are parts for C instruments, Bb instruments and Saxophone.