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Whom Shall I Fear

Whom Shall I Fear


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Song ID: 11714
Artist: Lincoln Brewster
Publisher: Integrity Music
Album: Real Life
Composer: Lincoln Brewster / Mia Fieldes
Copyright: 2010 Integrity's Praise! Music and Mia Fieldes/Shout Publishing c/o Integrity Media, Inc.
Source: Integrity Music
Themes: Faith, Trust, Assurance
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"Real Life" Album Review

Lincoln Brewster, The Worship Community | October 18, 2010 | Categories: Blogs | Tags:

Opening up in typical upbeat, energetic pop-rock fashion, Lincoln Brewster’s seventh solo recording Real Life features contributions from award-winning writers Paul Baloche, Jason Ingram and Mia Fieldes. From the first song, Best Days, to the closer Shout for Joy,  there’s a certain familiar quality about this album that doesn’t disappoint. In some cases, we want the artist to push the envelope into new and unfamiliar territories, but More