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Darlene Zschech | April 20, 2010 | Categories: Blogs | Tags: , ,

And so the legacy of the undone begins in your bloodline... My own grandparents are devoted, passionate Christians, who in their late nineties are still dreaming, still living independently, still driving (aaahhhhh!!) and still encour- aging all their kids and grandkids and great grandkids in the ways of God. They stand on the doors in their home church each weekend and help look after the ‘old people’, they still send us all gifts at More

The Encouragement of Generosity

Darlene Zschech | March 13, 2010 | Categories: Blogs | Tags: , , ,

Generosity is also another stance you should adopt as again, the encouragement received from a simple act of generosity is far-reaching and definitely stirs greatness in a spiritual realm. I was recently admiring one of the young musician’s new guitar, it was incredible, and very expensive I might add. He was treating it like it was his own child, and it obviously meant a lot to him. I made a comment to him that he must have worked and saved More

Practical Encouragement

Darlene Zschech | March 13, 2010 | Categories: Blogs | Tags: , , ,

There are so many great, small but significant things you can do practically to encourage others.Just a simple thing like saying, ‘that was wonderful! well done!’ can take that moment of ‘I hope this was OK’ and turn it around to breathe a quiet assurance in the hearer’s heart. In my specific area of training up new leaders of worship or if there is a leader feeling particularly vulnerable at a certain time - just a simple More

Empowering Others is the Key!

Darlene Zschech | March 13, 2010 | Categories: Blogs | Tags: , ,

Empowering others is the key here. And once you start to share the workload AND the responsibility, AND the credit, well, you light a fire deep on the inside of others, giving them experience and helping them to work out what on earth it is they are even good at. Encouragement is a truly powerful force and when it is done sincerely and often, the creative dynamic within the act of encouraging someone over a lifetime has the ability to see the seemingly More

To Be Valued and Completely Valuable

Darlene Zschech | March 13, 2010 | Categories: Blogs | Tags: , ,

EVERY SINGLE PERSON NEEDS TO KNOW THEY ARE VALUED AND COM- PLETELY VALUABLE. Psalm 45 is the Psalm that the Holy Spirit wrote across the fabric of my being for three whole days and nights when my Pastor asked me to take on the worship de- partment of our church. We took our little family off to the beach for a mini holiday to talk and pray about what this would mean. I was simply overwhelmed with allthe things I didn’t know about this new role, More


Darlene Zschech | March 13, 2010 | Categories: Blogs | Tags: , ,

TIME GOES BY so very fast. I find it so hard to fathom that my own first born daughter is now a married wom- an, building her future with the man of her dreams... sometimes a week can fly by so quickly it takes you by surprise when you find yourself back at Sunday again!! But with this in mind, we must be continually aware of the urgency and value of preparing not just the next generation, but speaking life and potential into the third and fourth. More

Love Is A Big Word

Darlene Zschech | March 10, 2010 | Categories: Blogs | Tags: , ,

LOVE is a BIG word. It demands so much of us even though it totally accepts us.Another area under the topic of believing in people is, I think, you’ve got to be quick to realise which people issues are issues that are potentially very dangerous to the individual concerned, to your team, to the church etc... OR, if they are just simple mistakes that require a hug, a giggle, and an “it will all be fine mate” response. I have had some More

Love Never Fails

Darlene Zschech | March 10, 2010 | Categories: Blogs | Tags: , ,

When it comes to someone making very unhealthy choices that affect their soul, their behaviour, their family, their walk with God, again, you have got to have the strength and time to talk through the issues, and have a plan ready for them so that they can be restored. That’s why I put the scripture at the top of this chapter - even when we fail - LOVE never fails. We are not here to judge, to condemn, to criticise, or even to know ALL the de- More

Failure Is Not Final

Darlene Zschech | March 10, 2010 | Categories: Blogs | Tags: , ,

IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED, try, try again!! I remember my mum saying this to me when I was a little girl (it’s funny the things you remember as you get older!!) But basically the core of this value is - never write people off! Don’t discount people just because they made a mistake. This is NOT the way our God works and neither should we. Our God moves but He doesn’t move on and leave us behind if we let Him down... no, More


Darlene Zschech | March 10, 2010 | Categories: Blogs | Tags: , , ,

With the open door theory, I love to have people in my home, chatting to them while we are just doing life. Rather than having meetings and more meetings, invite someone to your home to chat while you potter at home, bring them over to be with you while you write a song, if you are driving the kids around, going to the air- port, make a point to grab one of the young ones who’s been asking to have time with you and just get them involved in More

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