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BETHEL MUSIC is a ministry of Bethel Church, located in Redding, California. The mission of Bethel Church is "REVIVAL… the personal, regional, and global expansion of God's kingdom through His manifest presence."

BETHEL MUSIC was formed for the express purpose of creating corridors in the heavenly realms through the mystery of music, that facilitate deeper dimensions of God's manifest presence. His manifold reality inspires worship, ignites revelation and captivates the world.

Therefore the triune mission of BETHEL MUSIC is to:

  • Adore God through thanksgiving, praise and worship.
  • Instruct the Church with songs, hymns and spiritual songs.
  • And enlighten the lost with melodies of mercy.

These foundation stones have been passed down to us for more than five decades and are gaining momentum with each passing generation. Our goal is to honor the core values of our past, build a creative, catalytic culture in the present and leave a legacy for future generations.

The main pillars of BETHEL MUSIC'S core distinctives are:

  • God is good all the time; in fact He is even better than you can imagine.
  • The redemptive power of Jesus Christ transformed us from sinners to saints (at conversion), eradicated our sin nature and imparted to us His divine character.
  • We have been commissioned to carry His glory, make disciples OF ALL nations and bring heaven to earth, until the kingdom's of this world become the Kingdom of our God.
  • We've been commanded to do greater miracles then Jesus, demonstrate God's superior Kingdom, empower His supernatural people and annihilate the works of the devil.
  • We embrace a fantastic future, refuse to re-empower a disempowered devil and are determined to leave our children's, children's, children a world in revival.

The practical mandates of BETHEL MUSIC are facilitated through several different avenues:

  • Our own songwriters group, who are commissioned to create songs and sounds that carry our mission and core values, compose most of our music.
  • We have several schools through out the year that train, equip and deploy musicians, songwriters and producers to help accomplish our God-given mandate.
  • BETHEL MUSIC produces, mixes and masters songs and music videos in cooperation with other professionals in different phases of production.
  • We distribute songs and music videos globally through several venues including partnerships with like-minded distribution companies.
  • BETHEL MUSIC publishes and manages songs, distributing them through CCLI.

Closing Thoughts:
Our earnest prayer is that BETHEL MUSIC would inspire a revolution that impacts the planet by reforming the Church and transforming the world.

May everything we produce be rooted in His Excellency, be inspired by His creativity and be entrenched in His Divine Nature.

And finally, may the Lord use our music to take you on a Holy Spirit journey into the very heart of God Himself!

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